Latest News

Latest News

Updated release of the GLEAMviz simulator!

Dear users, we are glad to announce a new release of our simulator client: version 6.8 includes some important refactoring of the visualization components and bug-fixes, together with a few new powerful features for analyzing the simulations’ output results.
The updated map widget allows to select an arbitrary region by pressing the Ctrl/Command key and while holding it down clicking and dragging with the mouse. This results in opening an Analyzer widget showing the epidemic curves for the selected area. Another very useful feature is the possibility to click on a data series within an Analyzer and drag it to another Analyzer widget, dropping it there making easy to perform an immediate comparison with other ones.

The new version features an enhanced interaction between Map and Analyzer widgets.

Other minor improvements have been introduced in terms of usability, and in handling the remote simulations.

Version 6.7 of the GLEAMviz client has been released

We’ve just released a new version of the GLEAMviz simulator client, which features various improvements of the Visualization widgets and some under-the-hood refactoring aimed at providing better stability.
The new Visualization Dashboard allows users to explore the disease data aggregating the simulation’s output on a weekly basis, making it easier to compare them with official surveillance data. The background maps used for geographical visualizations have been uniformed throughout the widgets, and provide a higher resolution.

Invasion Tree animation visualization

Example of the Invasion Tree widget animation visualization when selecting a single city.

The Invasion Tree visualization widget has been extended by showing an animation of the invasion patterns from one city to another, or from one country to another, so to make it easier to perceive both the global flows and the local invasion dynamics.

Version 6.7 of the GLEAMviz client has been released

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