GLEAMviz version 6.5 is out: announcing the Visualisation Dashboard

We are glad to announce the release of the  version 6.5 of the GLEAMviz simulator. The new update includes a complete redesign of the visualization tools, meant to enhance the software capabilities in exploring and analyzing the output data. The former visualisation components (Map, SpaTo, Globe, Charts) are now arranged together as dockable widgets in a dashboard window.

GLEAMviz Dashboard Visualisation Window

GLEAMviz Dashboard Visualisation Window (new from version 6.5)

Widgets can be moved around and placed one next to each other in a flexible way, or can be kept separate as floating windows. This approach opens the way for the integration of new visualization components and analytical tools, to improve and extend the current data exploration capabilities of the software. Furthermore, the integration of long-range mobility data has been optimized in order to better reflect the seasonal aspects of airline traffic patterns.

The new version of the software is available here, or, if you already have version 6 installed, you can use the builtin autoupdate  of the GLEAMviz client to download the new version (go to “Preferences > Check for updates” if you want to manually trigger the auto-updater).

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