GLEAMviz Simulator 4.1: new visualization features!

A new release of the GLEAMviz Simulator client is available, version 4.1, which features some extra data visualizations.

  • Additional demographic and health-related informations in the city info popups:
    • Average number of hospital beds per 1000 inhabitants
    • Average number of physicians per 1000 inhabitants
    • Average distribution of the population into age brackets
  • Visualization of the cumulative individual transitions on the map as an alternative option to new transitions.
  • Intuitive highlight of the census basins associated to each city/airport.

The new city popup displays additional health-related and demographic informations.

Some minor bugs have been fixed as well, providing a better usability both of the simulations builder and of the geographic mapping.
The updated version of the manual is available for download: GLEAMviz simulator client manual v4.1.

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