New major release of the GLEAMviz tool.

The GLEAMviz team is proud to announce a new release of the GLEAMviz tool, which features a complete rewriting of the server component and additional functionalities in the client application.
The Public Edition 4.0 of the GLEAMviz client is now available for download.

With this update we have introduced:

  • New optimized engine code implementing the Global Epidemic and Mobility model. Your simulations will now run approximately ten times faster than before!
  • Multiple choices for implementing local human mobility (data, gravity models,¬†ABM, etc.)
  • New redesigned interface for the simulations management that allows the setting of disease models and interventions that can be ¬†geographically dependent (and for specific time period).
  • New middleware component with a more structured application server and a standardized client-server communication protocol.

The 4.0 version of the GLEAMviz computational platform features also the integration with the Epidemic Marketplace data platform (, a data integration system for epidemiological resources. There you will find data and tools relevant for epidemic modeling uploaded by Marketplace user community.
The integration between the two platforms allows the users of the GLEAMviz client to upload and store their simulations on the Epidemic Marketplace. By means of the functionalities available on the Epidemic Marketplace website, it is also possible to share simulations with other GLEAMviz users.

GLEAMviz 4.0 - Simulation Manager
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