GLEAMviz at the “Big Data in a Living Web” Conference

GLEAMviz appeared today at the Top-IX Annual Conference Big Data in a Living Web in the keynote presentation by Alex Vespignani and in the invited talk by Marco Quaggiotto.

top-ix conference 2011

Can we foresee the start of a conflict? can we anticipate the spread of a pandemic pathogen? can we assess the systemic risk and the impact that a financial crisis, a nuclear disaster, or a pandemic event will have on our society and our planet?

GLEAMviz was presented by Alex as an example product of the Big Data Revolution, where high-resolution data on human behavior can be integrated into a disease model to anticipate the geographical and temporal spread of a pandemic influenza.

Alex @Top-IX2011 -1 Alex @Top-IX2011 -2

Marco presented the perspective of shaping the data produced by GLEAMviz into informative visualizations that help making sense of the simulated scenario and guiding the analysis of the epidemic pattern.

photo-4 photo-5
The Conference also saw invited talks by Alan Mislove from Northeastern University in Boston, USA, and Cesar Hidalgo from MIT in Boston, USA.
We thank Top-IX, torino piemonte internet exchange, for the invitation to the event.

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