GLEaMviz Simulator goes public

The Public Edition of the GLEaMviz Simulator becomes available.

The GLEaMviz Simulator is a software system with an intuitive and flexible GUI for the simulation of emerging infectious diseases spreading across the world, that we developed during the last 2 years. The software system levers on GLEaM, and its design maximizes flexibility in the definition of the disease compartmental model and in the configuration of the simulation scenario, allowing the user to set a variety of parameters, from compartment-specific features, to transition values, to environmental effects. The output of the simulation is then provided in terms of a dynamic map visualization and sets of charts to quantitatively describe the geotemporal evolution of the disease.

Download the GLEaMviz Simulator and explore your global epidemic simulations!

The software is based on a Client-server system. The Client can be installed on the user’s local machine, and it allows the user to setup the simulations that will be executed on the server, thus avoiding specific requirements for large computational capabilities on the user’s side. The Client consists of four principal components: 1) the main window with the Simulations History; 2) the Compartmental Model Builder; 3) the Simulation Wizard; and 4) the Visualization Windows. The main workflow and the role of the components are outlined in the diagram in the Figure below.

Overview of the workflow of the GLEaMviz Simulator.

Overview of the workflow of the GLEaMviz Simulator.

The GLEaMviz Simulator Client uses the Adobe AIR 1.5 runtime and can thus be installed on recent versions of the following operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X,  Linux. The Public Edition of the client available from is pre-configured to use the GLEaMviz server made available by There is thus no need to install the server in order to use this client. However, in order to avoid an overload on this server, a number of limitations are enforced in this setup. Research groups interested in an unlimited version of the GLEaMviz system are invited to contact us at

Check out all the software features at the GLEaMviz Simulator webpage!

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