Pandemic influenza videos

The following videos show the geographical and temporal propagation of a pandemic influenza in the world produced by GLEaMviz. GLEaM assumes that a pandemic emerges in Hong-Kong, on June 1, 2007, and spreads in the world by means of infectious travelers. Dots indicate the main transportation hubs, and their size is proportional to their population size. In addition, dots are color coded according to the level of infection present in that area, from green (no epidemic activity), over yellow (low epidemic activity) to red (high epidemic activity). Straight lines represent the flight connections between pairs of airports, and they appear as the first infectious passenger seeds a non infected area, bringing the virus from an outbreak zone. GLEaM was configured with a prototypical seasonal influenza with an expected reproductive number equal to 2.3, meaning that on average an infectious person can transmit the infection to 2.3 susceptibles during the his/her infectious period. The following video focuses on the worldwide scale.


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