As the growing worldwide population becomes more mobile and urbanized, the risks that infectious diseases epidemic and their associated threats may reach global proportions are constantly increasing.

To effectively limit the social and economic damage caused by infectious diseases, the public health communities need to be in the position to anticipate the spatial and temporal evolution of epidemics and evaluate the potential impact of available containment and prevention strategies.

The global epidemic and mobility model, GLEAM, combines real-world data on populations and human mobility with elaborate stochastic models of disease transmission to deliver analytic and forecasting power to address the challenges faced in developing intervention strategies that minimize the impact of potentially devastating epidemics.

Latest News

Latest News

GLEAMviz v6.0 is now available

The version 6.0  of the GLEAMviz Simulator has been released on April 23. The version 6.0 features major improvements in the model data structure and a full update of the population and mobility databases. The long-range human mobility is now simulated using records concerning actual flight bookings, providing an improved description of the origin-destination traffic flows among the different geographical areas considered in the model. The new version of GLEAMViz also integrates monthly variations in the traffic flows.
The GLEAMviz Simulator client version 6.0 can be downloaded here.

World pandemic map

The database update and the other improvements to the new GLEAMviz 6.0 version represent a  big leap forward in the model database structure and hence in the Simulator’s engine. For this reason simulations run with former versions of GLEAMviz cannot be visualized using the new client. These simulations can be explored and visualized by using the client version 5.1, that is still supported and can be used to perform simulations on the previous version of our public server.[*]

The new release of GLEAMviz v6.0 prepares the ground for major redesign of the client dashboard to accommodate new data analysis tools and capabilities that will be released in the next few months. Stay Tuned!

[*] Please note that the obsolete 4.X versions of the Simulator are no longer supported by our team and the public server version 4 has been dismissed.


GLEAM in Action