As the growing worldwide population becomes more mobile and urbanized, the risks that infectious diseases epidemic and their associated threats may reach global proportions are constantly increasing.

To effectively limit the social and economic damage caused by infectious diseases, the public health communities need to be in the position to anticipate the spatial and temporal evolution of epidemics and evaluate the potential impact of available containment and prevention strategies.

The global epidemic and mobility model, GLEAM, combines real-world data on populations and human mobility with elaborate stochastic models of disease transmission to deliver analytic and forecasting power to address the challenges faced in developing intervention strategies that minimize the impact of potentially devastating epidemics.

Latest News

Latest News

New GLEAMviz update: identifying disease carriers.

We have just released the v5.1 version of GLEAMviz. This release is the first after the major rewriting of the v5.0 and along with stability fixes it includes a few major improvements in the model specifications and the computational framework.

Model builder compartments with carrier/clinical case icon.

The compartments used in the disease model can be marked as “carrier” as well as “clinical cases”.

In particular the model builder requires marking all those compartments corresponding to individuals carrying the pathogenic agent (carriers). This includes also exposed individuals in the latent/incubation period. This feature let the computational platform to track potential carriers as well as symptomatic and clinical cases, making it possible to track more accurately the international spread of the disease.

The corresponding change in the simulation engine is also required to allow forthcoming additional features such as the possibility of constructing infection trees and improving the performance of the computational platform.

This revision includes also some bug fixes and usability improvements (handling of iconified windows, charts rescaling, etc.).

[Note for Windows users: due to a misconfiguration of the v5.0 auto-updater some Windows clients are unable to download the v5.1 installer file; if this is your case please run the autoupdate program as system administrator or download the new client directly from here]

GLEAM in Action